After three years practise and research in the use of drumming with Aged Care, Alex West in conjunction with RSL LifeCare has received the Australian Govemment Aged Care - Better Practise Award. (Click for more info)

"The research project used Mixed Methods including both Qualitive and Quantative assessment to develop a strategy that will give reliable evidence of the impact of group drumming on residents with Dementia."

Frances Russel, Research Fellow RSL LifeCare


  • - Physical Movement-Exercise
  • - Left/Right Brain Stimulation
  • - Safe release of aggression
  • - Improved group participation
  • - Reduce wandering
  • - Alleviating anxiety

Developing a training module that recreation staff can implement in the future.

The program specifically offered opportunities for multi-generational participation between residents, family and staff.

"The residents receive many benefits from the program, including socialisation, physical movement and connection to the rhythm of life."

Shannon Sinclair, Recreations Co-ordinator, RSL LifeCare, Australia

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